2017 fishing report

  1. Walleye fishing has been off the charts for 2017. I have a few hundred pictures that are just the tip of the iceberg this year!

CPR catch photo and releaseI have been catching great numbers and trophy fish. I ask my clients to return all walleyes over 22 inches back to the water unless they plan to have the fish mounted for the wall. My boat catches a lot of walleyes and returns a lot back to the water. Somedays it is hard to catch enough keeper size fish for meal because we are releasing big ones back and that is the only size being caught. But, not to shabby of a trip either catching big Walleyes.

My YarCraft boat has made many windy days fishable due to the seaworthiness of the boat. The large size allows for more clients to fish with me too. That can bring the cost down of trip for some. I often have had 4 people out with me.

I fish with vacationers looking for a trip and with a lot of people that buy a trip for a gift for a niece, nephew or retirement gift or graduation and a lot of people wishing to learn how to fish for walleyes so they can catch more walleyes on their own.

Green Bay and Lake Winnebago can be very difficult to learn learning both will help you catch more walleyes all year if one body of water has a setback.I am a guide that fish both these systems- Winnebago and Green Bay -If you love to walleye fish.I really think one should set up at least one trip on both sytems.

Marketing my guide service    I am posting very little current activity on my Green And Gold Guide Service pages.  I feel it brings unnecessary attention to bites I am fishing. My clients success is my priority out on the water and I want them to have a great day with a lot of fun!! I am in my 6 th year as a walleye guide fishing 4 to 5 days per week. I am getting more referral and repeat anglers fishing with me as time goes on.

Early Spring Fishing Feb, March and April Trophy time and good numbers dates! Jigging and casting

Spring May and June warming waters are triggering a great jig and trolling bite even a night bite.

Summer July August September  these months are some of the best with large fish and numbers . combined with comfortable weather I recommend these times as the best walleye fishing.

This spring we had a lot of rain that kept fish in the rivers much longer than typical and held certain types of bait fish for weeks longer than normal so June going into the first week of July was very slow.  Normally June is a top month on Green Bay and Lake Winnebago.

Fall fishing this year was excellent late October and November some of days compared to the record catches in March and April.

I am going to be speaking as a professional Angler at the Wisconsin Sport show in March 16-18.I will be talking about techniques that have put a ton of walleyes in my boat in spring jigging. I will also have a station promoting my guide service.

I had a great time fishing with everyone of my clients.  Many of which I have become very good friends with!   Serendipity! I talk to many of you very often by phone or email.

Walleye fishing is what I love and I work my tail off harder than many guides to give you the best experience out on the water!!!

I am excited for the 2018 season ahead. Please call me soon and send a $50 deposit to hold your date will hold your fishing date.

Best regards

Jim Kleist







2017 May 5th fishing report





Opening weekend is tomorrow May 6 th. Fishing has been good the last 6 weeks.

My clients have caught some of the biggest walleyes they have ever seen!

The last time period revolves around the walleyes spawning and the dispersal periods after.

Methods: most fish pictured in this post were caught on soft plastics, minnow and jig combos, and other jig baits casted on spinning rods.

If you want to catch fish like this next year with me I recommend you book key dates now. I am very good at getting my folks out during key periods!

Jim Kleist 920-676-6905

Green Bay ,Wi

IMG_0476 IMG_0321

IMG_0318 IMG_0311 IMG_0305 IMG_0298 IMG_0301 IMG_0255 IMG_0249 IMG_0240 IMG_0238 IMG_0237 IMG_0233 IMG_0223 IMG_0211 IMG_0460 IMG_0457 IMG_0453 IMG_0451 IMG_0443 IMG_0441 IMG_0438 IMG_0431 IMG_0430 IMG_0417 IMG_0409 IMG_1009 - Copy IMG_0267 IMG_0263 - Copy IMG_0198 IMG_0196 IMG_0181 IMG_0183 IMG_0187 IMG_0191 IMG_0192 IMG_0194 IMG_0166 IMG_0167 IMG_0173 IMG_0177 IMG_0150 IMG_0145 IMG_0143 IMG_0142 SCOTT 2 REDUCED


March 30 th Walleye

IMG_0117 IMG_0120 IMG_0125 IMG_0128

Report for Wednesday march 29th

I fished with Dan and Larry from 7am to 2 Pm. I saw also saw in Depth Out Doors launching at the same time.

Water temperature was 40 degrees .

We landed 20 walleyes. Walleyes ranged from 15 to 28 inches caught on plastics with a heavier jig. The strong North wind required extra lead! The walleyes we caught had huge firm bellies. So the Spawn is taking place now. Night time is the best time to try for the giants.

Winter weather is back in Green Bay with a light snow . Water temperatures will probably fall back a little bit.

Try a variety of retrieves and the bite will tell you what they want. There is a good trolling bite out there too for anyone who wants to try that too.

I have a openings 4/4, 4/7,4/9 (some for a single angler)

Jim Kleist

Green Bay, Wi

End of season review and posts




2016 was a great year.  I was running a lot of trips all summer and we had some great Walleye action.!

Most of my trips were non trolling this year as I prefer to feel the hit of the fish versus troll. But I do whatever it takes to put my clients on fish.  I did not post many reports as I have in the past but I am on the water 3 -5 days per week. So do not look at my posts and conclude “the fish are not biting he has no posts.”

I have just purchased a larger boat and will be able to take 4 people out with me. I work with other top guides on the waters I fish and can accommodate larger groups in multiple boats.

My season starts early March and goes into the early fall Labor day weekend. I am  a hunter and get out on a limited basis in the fall and guide a little for walleyes and small mouth bass.

I will be at the Wisconsin Sport show March 17-19 th in Eau Claire Booking trips. If you know when you want to go with me this next season call or email me before then so you can get the dates you want.-Jim Kleist Green Bay Wi

P1030201 P1030183 P1030186




IMG_2017 - Copy

Nick is a great jig fisherman with plastic!


Gene Okelly out on some rough waters


Paul Belows big Bass in October Wolf River


Rick Pingel took his daughter out for a unbelievable night of fishing


6# test on jig and worm casting for walleyes !!! Giant Pike


One of the best walleye fisherman I know Jeff Pagels caught this 22 inch walleye on a worm and jig

Going forward, I am getting busier every season and will not be posting until my schedule allows. IMG_2034 IMG_2021 - Copy IMG_2003 - Copy IMG_1998 - Copy IMG_1993 - Copy IMG_1990 - Copy IMG_1963 IMG_1962 IMG_2494 IMG_2567 IMG_2565 IMG_1899 IMG_1896 IMG_1892 IMG_1883 IMG_1881 IMG_1890 IMG_1870 IMG_1869 IMG_1864 IMG_1848


May 31 2016 Fishing report Green Bay





Walleye fishing has been very good this past week with water temps hitting the 70 degree mark.

Opening weekend of the Wisconsin opener had cold water and a cold front negative bite. Paul Below my client/ for the afternoon had a great time and we boated some great walleyes in 2 -3 foot waves fishing til dark.

Brandon Gitter prefished with me for the opener on Friday right before. We found 74 degree air temps and water temps in the low 50’s. We  caught 15 nice walleyes up to 28 inches making Brandon’s 30 th birthday almost as exciting as the birth of his 1 month old son Hudson!!

Cold weather and cold fronts prevailed. I was finding walleyes active in deep water 14 to 20 fow. Catching some really great big fish in those depths.

Warm temps have now brought walleyes shallow and I am doing all jig / cast / non trolling trips on Green Bay with 35 fish days and lots of fun!

Green Bay is so much fun. If you  haven’t become proficient catching walleyes with jigs you should spend some time with me out on the water. The investment is well worth the reward and knowledge in my opinion.

For example we trolled and caught 12 walleyes in 3 hours span. We then switched to jigs and caught another 20 fish in 1 hours time! we caught way more fish than trolling. That is common for me.

My advice is that you have to commit to this type of fishing for a day and put away the trolling gear. You will catch more fish and bigger fish too!








Bob is getting walleyes

Bob is getting walleyes


21 inc hWhitefish 5/31/16 first whitefish this late. They like deep cool water temps like trout

sam's big eye

sam’s big eye


nice eyes guys!

nice eyes guys!



 chad's first fish




I got this from a tagged 28 in walleye

I got this from a tagged 28 in walleye



IMG_1540 IMG_1534 IMG_1532 IMG_1538
chad’s first fish

 Tom Prillwitz

Tom Prillwitz

IMG_1642 IMG_1645 IMG_1647 IMG_1650 IMG_1654 IMG_1656 IMG_1658

me jigging em up

me jigging em up

Mike Kleist  castng flicker Shad with his spinning rod

Mike Kleist castng flicker Shad with his spinning rod


Mike kleist caught 35 fish today.

Mike kleist caught 35 fish today.

IMG_1669P1030109 P1030112 P1030114 P1030115 P1030118 P1030119 P1030120

Paul B

Paul B

P1030122 P1030123 P1030124 P1030129 P1030131 IMG_1590 IMG_1592 IMG_1593 IMG_1599 IMG_1600 IMG_1601

Rick Pingel

Rick Pingel

IMG_1604 IMG_1606 IMG_1607 IMG_1609 IMG_1618




Chris Adams

Chris Adams


Brad Tayloer

Brad Taylor



Mike Dawson working on the fish fry.

Mike Dawson working on the fish fry.

Alex Dawson with a big walleye

Alex Dawson with a big walleye


Mike and Alex Dawson and a doulble

Mike and Alex Dawson and a doulble

another big fsih for Alex

another big fish for Alex

Giant  !

Giant Eye !

IMG_1684 IMG_1694

Kurt Kenzler jigged up a dandy walleye

Kurt Kenzler jigged up a dandy walleye


Kurt's Kenzler's giant walleye

Kurt’s Kenzler’s giant walleye

Kurt's double

Kurt’s double

Kurt has dinner for his lovely wife!

Kurt has dinner for his lovely wife!

April 2016 Green Bay


Fishing has been good with giant walleyes caught by some very happy people!! Green Bay’s Gold = Walleyes with Green & Gold Guide Service.

However, cold weather has appeared every week sending temperatures back down 38 degrees.  Guiding was very rewarding as my clients caught some of there personal best Walleyes.

Jigging with hair jigs and rippin raps is really a lot of fun. Getting the proper technique is not easy. But with enough practice people really catch on quickly!

Spawning did finish up about the 17th of April. Great fishing continues in Green Bay. Call me now to get out with me!  920-676-6905


Alex Hayes 27 inch walleye!  nice fish

Alex Hayes 27 inch walleye! nice fish

never stick your fingers in a mouth with teeth like these!

never stick your fingers in a mouth with teeth like these!

IMG_1491IMG_1489IMG_1392 IMG_1394



Dave Paprocki caught another giant Pre-Spwan walleye

IMG_1441 - Copy

Kurt Kenzler with his nice fish! We fished all day in the rain and wind!

IMG_1442 - Copy

Kurts 18 inch Bass on a moxie minnow

IMG_1445 - Copy

Hair jig walleye in cold front slow bite

IMG_1447 - Copy

Mark’s second monster

IMG_1452 - Copy

Larry’s first fish 5 minutes into the trip!! Jigging

IMG_1443 - Copy



IMG_1446 - CopyIMG_1450IMG_1449 IMG_1453 - Copy IMG_1454 - Copy IMG_1455 - Copy IMG_1457 - Copy IMG_1460 IMG_1461

Mark's Giant at spot B

Mark’s Giant at spot B

Steve's Giant small mouth caught on a jig walleye fishing. Mark  helped Stev out quite a bit!!

Steve’s Giant small mouth caught on a jig walleye fishing. Mark helped Stev out quite a bit!!


Larry caught this Brown Trout on a gold count down rapala casting – 31 inches 12 pounds. We were targeting walleyes and catching Pike, Bass and German Brown Trout.

IMG_1464 - Copy IMG_1465 - Copy (2) IMG_1467 - Copy

March 28 – April Green Bay


Fishing Pre-spawn walleyes on Green Bay has been fantastic. My first walleye jigging was 30 inches 12 pounds!

I am using Gulp and JIgs, Ring Worms and Raps. Fish are staging at all the river mouths on Green Bay.  Time spent running and fishing areas to find scattered schools can take awhile. Be patient and work at it is my advice.  The giant female walleyes I am catching are still full of eggs.

Water temperatures have hit 45 degrees a couple of days ago in the shallows. However, falling temperatures and snow have pushed temps back to about 40 degrees.

I have fished the area dams and have caught small males. The walleye run is a week to 2 weeks away. A young man I know caught a 26 inch male recently.  Years ago my Dad caught a 29 inch 22 YEAR OLD walleye!  It was tagged by DNR and the report said it was tagged in 1988 at 19 inches. They look very gray and have signs of living very long.

My last trip I dropped my clients off and went out at sunset. I caught a 29.75 inch Walleye just under the boat!  It weighed 14# –  My heaviest walleye ever.

I have been taking all sorts of folks with different fishing backgrounds out and they have all caught some trophy walleyes that were released back to the water.

If you want to get out I can fit you in with someone to split the cost of the guide trip. Call me 920-676-6905 Jim Kleist.

14 # 29.75 inch Green Bay Walleye

14 # 29.75 inch Green Bay Walleye


My first walleye of the day 30 inches 12 Pounds! Tom the netter saw it and backed off with the net and thought it was a big carp! We had laughs at that!


Tom Ricker Jigged in this one

Tom Ricker Jigged in this one


Jigged walleye 25 inch Male

Al Weister jigged a walleye —25 inch Male


Dave’s 28 incher jigging


36 inch Pike!

IMG_1348 IMG_1351 IMG_1365

Al Weister and Dave Paprocki

Al Weister and Dave Paprocki


Bob's 2nd 27 inch jigged walleye

Bob’s 2nd 27 inch jigged walleye


Gary and Kelly Baker daughter with Kelley’s biggest walleye and biggest fish she ever caught jigging! Super exciting!

IMG_1383 IMG_1385

Wolf River March 22 & 26




The walleye  bite was good before the snow storms. Dave and Carl caught 12 walleyes. Jigs casted and vertical presentations.


Saturday after more high  water and temps at 39 degrees. I had Brandon Gitter and Brandon Faber with a tough bite. 6 dandy fish For dinner!

Monday March 14 Wolf River

Tough bite on the Wolf. We boated 8 walleyes only 4 keepers . The females are not coming up the river yet.  Should be 1 to 2 weeks away from the “run”.

I finally made it out with David Gray and his friend Cal. Both from Antigo.  The sun came out and it was a beautiful day.! Water was 42 degrees.P1030102 P1030103 P1030104

3/11/16 Wolf River


Fishing report for Friday

Caught a 2 person limit and released small walleyes. Patience was needed with really cold water – 34 Degrees yet.
Green Bay rivers are 40 degrees and fish are more aggressive there. But on the Wolf they are really light. Slow down your presentation. More walleyes will be caught.

I recommend braided line for a number of reasons. What a fun Day on the Wolf River walleye fishing.

I have openings this Sunday and Monday.

Today I am giving a seminar at Cabelas Green Bay @ 230 Pm . Stop by and let’s talk spring walleye fishing!

Jim Kleist Green Bay , Wi