fishing report for March 7th 2014

Fishing Report for the last week. The bite changes from day to day and even by the hour. For example Pimple with slider combos do well, then they won’t touch it and want a Easy Prey #10 Perch with Euro Larva or waxworm. Small baits should be tried if it slows and you will catch more fish.
Frenetic tight jigging will produce a hit just off the bottom. If the fishing slows down my advice is to put less pressure on the fish and almost deadstick, barely move your baits. Sometimes I will have folks use two rods at once because people then tend to slow their presentations enough to get the whitefish to hit again. Fishing is good, guys are averaging about 30 fish a day.

Today’s upper 30’s was a nice break from some of the -10 or Colder mornings we have been having. I love ice fishing but looking forward to getting the boat out and walleye fishing on Green Bay, Fox and the Wolf river just around the corner.

Captain Jim

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