March 28 – April Green Bay


Fishing Pre-spawn walleyes on Green Bay has been fantastic. My first walleye jigging was 30 inches 12 pounds!

I am using Gulp and JIgs, Ring Worms and Raps. Fish are staging at all the river mouths on Green Bay.  Time spent running and fishing areas to find scattered schools can take awhile. Be patient and work at it is my advice.  The giant female walleyes I am catching are still full of eggs.

Water temperatures have hit 45 degrees a couple of days ago in the shallows. However, falling temperatures and snow have pushed temps back to about 40 degrees.

I have fished the area dams and have caught small males. The walleye run is a week to 2 weeks away. A young man I know caught a 26 inch male recently.  Years ago my Dad caught a 29 inch 22 YEAR OLD walleye!  It was tagged by DNR and the report said it was tagged in 1988 at 19 inches. They look very gray and have signs of living very long.

My last trip I dropped my clients off and went out at sunset. I caught a 29.75 inch Walleye just under the boat!  It weighed 14# –  My heaviest walleye ever.

I have been taking all sorts of folks with different fishing backgrounds out and they have all caught some trophy walleyes that were released back to the water.

If you want to get out I can fit you in with someone to split the cost of the guide trip. Call me 920-676-6905 Jim Kleist.

14 # 29.75 inch Green Bay Walleye

14 # 29.75 inch Green Bay Walleye


My first walleye of the day 30 inches 12 Pounds! Tom the netter saw it and backed off with the net and thought it was a big carp! We had laughs at that!


Tom Ricker Jigged in this one

Tom Ricker Jigged in this one


Jigged walleye 25 inch Male

Al Weister jigged a walleye —25 inch Male


Dave’s 28 incher jigging


36 inch Pike!

IMG_1348 IMG_1351 IMG_1365

Al Weister and Dave Paprocki

Al Weister and Dave Paprocki


Bob's 2nd 27 inch jigged walleye

Bob’s 2nd 27 inch jigged walleye


Gary and Kelly Baker daughter with Kelley’s biggest walleye and biggest fish she ever caught jigging! Super exciting!

IMG_1383 IMG_1385