2/29/16 Ice fishing Green Bay

Fishing report for 2/29/16.

Fishing was really good for white fish limits.

My group of 5 was catching and releasing fish for fun as they had there limits! We using Pimples, bell sinkers and slide through sinkers that bumped together and attracted fish. Double sliders worked well also.

Moreover line type made a differnce. Mono-filament out-fished braid by a wide margin as well. The floating action gives a action fish like. I fish both til I see what works best.

We had a lot of current and raps where not working this day. Wind hit 40 mph for a good part of the day. Drifting snow covered very large 24 inch crack in the ice about 2 miles out. So be very careful. One access point had a lot of water and others had none and that is due to springs in Sawyer Harbor area.

I had a great year on the ice; and Monday was my last day venturing way out in Green Bay.

Fishing for Walleyes is my passion. I am going to start fishing the Fox this week and up and down the Wolf river as soon as that opens up.

Spring fever is here–for me a real “medical condition”! Time to walleye fish from my boat and get into the grove again for 2016. 😛

Jim Kleist
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