Green Bay July 1 and July 3

Great guide day on Bay with the Janssen women Mother /daughter trip with me.

Kat age 12 caught 28,28, a pair 5 minutes a part! Kat’s arm was so tired from the fight she just set lines after that!

Jess caught 27,27,26 25 23, 22,21.

The only complaint was only 2 for dinner with all the GIANTS realesed. We lost a probable 30 PLUS


July1 fishing report is

ished Green Bay for a very good walleye bite today with a lot of fish!
I caught a lot big fish and a lot of fish under 22 inches.

Dave and Shane got sick in the boat in the first 45 minutes . I felt bad for them ! Took them in no charge either BTW

I caught fish everywhere! Scouted spots

I have a opening Friday to pay for my taxidermy Bill now . Give me a call if you want to fish all day Friday





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