Late report for June 25 th Lake Winnebago

image_21 image_18 image_14 image_12 image_11 image_9 image_7 image_6 image_2 - CopyLate report for Last Thursday

Fishing has been the best ever and it has been disappointing depending on the day. Great days are there to be had too.

Last thursday we had clouds ALL DAY and wind. My boat only jigs, casts. We had a 27, 25,24,24, 22,22 and others 17-21 (kept 9).

Other days Dinks/ sheep and some nice perch and crappies. Wind or really lack of it; is tough to fish the way I do on lake Winnebago when not trolling.

I have been using crawlers and leeches and some days there is definitely a preference one way or another.

I have been fishing with a lot of the same guys I fished with last year or in previous years! Thanks everyone!

All I can say is try everything, drift, anchor, cast jigs, cranks and use slip bobbers. down size to 6# mono on some rods even. Fish weeds, rocks .

I have a few openings and am also doing very well on Green Bay. Call or email if you want to get with me.

Jim Kleist
Green Bay, Wi