July 1 Green Bay

Latest News:

Great Walleye fishing. Started out with a Strong NE wind and 3 footers . I had Dave and shane out and they got sea sick in 45 minutes so I took them in and their trip was over! I headed back out to rough seas and found fish everywhere.

I did quite a bit of moving and located a couple nice Pods of walleyes N of Oconto in 10- 22 fow. Some fish I graphed and others I did not mark. I fished the botom 2/3 rds of the water column with Harnesses. Purple was the hot color Small blades.

I ended up releasing most fish. I took a giant fish to the taxidermist. I couldn’t believe it was as big as it was this late?

I realeased 28s ,24s etc. I do not keep fish for the table bigger than 22 inches.

I have a opening for 1 -2 all day –on Friday if you are interested ? Call or email me.

Jim Kleist
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