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Spring walleye fishing 2021 fishing report

Mid April is almost here with true giants being caught. My customers this spring have caught the biggest Walleyes they have ever hooked with me Captain Jim Kleist. Dan caught a nice 29.5 9 pound fish. Tim caught one a shave bigger last week!

Tim R. has been fishing 6 years with me and this spring Tim score big! This could be you holding a fish like this Next to book a trip with Jim. call or text 920-676-6905

St Patrick day March 17th was a excellent walleye trip . We had over 50 walleyes on this trip. Guest Rob and Mike . Check out the big walleyes on this guided trip. T

I will never forget this day. Big walleyes in the snow and then rain. March Madness Green Bay Spring 2021 with captain Jim Kleist March 17 2021

Dan caught a walleye of his dreams . He did a internet search of area guides and Dan hired me. Dan caught the walleye of his Dream a giant post spawn gravel lizard for sure! look what he caught!

Dan’s 29.5 His largest walleye EVER!! Congrats Dan! 9.4 pounder JIg and Plastic (secret bait)
Jim’s 29.5 ” walleye caught on the Slobinator secret lure from BAT Lures Green Bay with Dan an his son Eric same day !
Jim’s 26 inch fish on plastic
a very nice fish again! same trip
Steve mastered jigging walleyes today. Look at that smile on his face . He took 2 good friends fishing for the day. His friends owe him big time now!

Mike fished for walleyes and caught this very nice fish! spring of 2021
Brandon fished with Steve and caught 65 walleyes with his 2 buds Steve and Dan
Dan with a nice walleye March 16 2021
Heath S. with a Green Bay Giant he caught in the first 10 minutes of the trip
Rob P. on a snow 50 fish day! jigging up some big ones today
Me with a big Walter fishing with Mike and Rob
gravel Lizard caught by me Spring 2021
Jim’s Giant
Jim with a giant finned out walleye from Green Bay 2021 on a jig 28 inch fish