Monthly Archives: November 2019

2019 walleye fishing year in Review. Jim Kleist –Fishing Green and Gold Guide Service. 2019 marks the 7th year of guiding these waters professionally.

check out my self netting techniques while fishing a lone. It is not easy to successfully land a lot of walleyes .

What a fun year for all my clients!! Take a look at my photos and videos. I put over 30 fishing videos out in 2019 on UTUBE. Go to UTUBE and type in Jim Kleist

I guided from March through the end of September. Walleye catches were very good. I specialize in casting and also troll if that is the best option the day you fish with me.

Here is a trip with some returning clients. Even Dad in his 80′ caught his fair share of walleyes with jigs and minnows! The end of the video has a great testamonial to my guide service. What a fun day!

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My Yar Craft is a big, safe boat capable to taming the big waves and gets my clients to the fish fast. Traveling 5 to 8 miles or more is the usual out on Green Bay and Lake Winnebago.

Spring , Summer and early Fall are great times to fish with me. Walleyes on the Great Lakes have annual travel cycles. Walleyes migrate following large schools of baitfish. Having the know-how – where and when is key to staying on the best bites of walleyes.