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2017 fishing report

  1. Walleye fishing has been off the charts for 2017. I have a few hundred pictures that are just the tip of the iceberg this year!

CPR catch photo and releaseI have been catching great numbers and trophy fish. I ask my clients to return all walleyes over 22 inches back to the water unless they plan to have the fish mounted for the wall. My boat catches a lot of walleyes and returns a lot back to the water. Somedays it is hard to catch enough keeper size fish for meal because we are releasing big ones back and that is the only size being caught. But, not to shabby of a trip either catching big Walleyes.

My YarCraft boat has made many windy days fishable due to the seaworthiness of the boat. The large size allows for more clients to fish with me too. That can bring the cost down of trip for some. I often have had 4 people out with me.

I fish with vacationers looking for a trip and with a lot of people that buy a trip for a gift for a niece, nephew or retirement gift or graduation and a lot of people wishing to learn how to fish for walleyes so they can catch more walleyes on their own.

Green Bay and Lake Winnebago can be very difficult to learn learning both will help you catch more walleyes all year if one body of water has a setback.I am a guide that fish both these systems- Winnebago and Green Bay -If you love to walleye fish.I really think one should set up at least one trip on both sytems.

Marketing my guide service    I am posting very little current activity on my Green And Gold Guide Service pages.  I feel it brings unnecessary attention to bites I am fishing. My clients success is my priority out on the water and I want them to have a great day with a lot of fun!! I am in my 6 th year as a walleye guide fishing 4 to 5 days per week. I am getting more referral and repeat anglers fishing with me as time goes on.

Early Spring Fishing Feb, March and April Trophy time and good numbers dates! Jigging and casting

Spring May and June warming waters are triggering a great jig and trolling bite even a night bite.

Summer July August September  these months are some of the best with large fish and numbers . combined with comfortable weather I recommend these times as the best walleye fishing.

This spring we had a lot of rain that kept fish in the rivers much longer than typical and held certain types of bait fish for weeks longer than normal so June going into the first week of July was very slow.  Normally June is a top month on Green Bay and Lake Winnebago.

Fall fishing this year was excellent late October and November some of days compared to the record catches in March and April.

I am going to be speaking as a professional Angler at the Wisconsin Sport show in March 16-18.I will be talking about techniques that have put a ton of walleyes in my boat in spring jigging. I will also have a station promoting my guide service.

I had a great time fishing with everyone of my clients.  Many of which I have become very good friends with!   Serendipity! I talk to many of you very often by phone or email.

Walleye fishing is what I love and I work my tail off harder than many guides to give you the best experience out on the water!!!

I am excited for the 2018 season ahead. Please call me soon and send a $50 deposit to hold your date will hold your fishing date.

Best regards

Jim Kleist