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March 30 th Walleye

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Report for Wednesday march 29th

I fished with Dan and Larry from 7am to 2 Pm. I saw also saw in Depth Out Doors launching at the same time.

Water temperature was 40 degrees .

We landed 20 walleyes. Walleyes ranged from 15 to 28 inches caught on plastics with a heavier jig. The strong North wind required extra lead! The walleyes we caught had huge firm bellies. So the Spawn is taking place now. Night time is the best time to try for the giants.

Winter weather is back in Green Bay with a light snow . Water temperatures will probably fall back a little bit.

Try a variety of retrieves and the bite will tell you what they want. There is a good trolling bite out there too for anyone who wants to try that too.

I have a openings 4/4, 4/7,4/9 (some for a single angler)

Jim Kleist

Green Bay, Wi