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Green Bay 4/26

Latest News

Sunday I battled 5 foot seas last evening alone and caught big walleyes. The best bite wasin about 18 to 24 feet of water with deep diving crank baits. I tried shallow 8 fow, as was the case Friday; but the fish were not there and I kept moving gradually deeper.

Late report for –Friday I did a trip on the Bay with favorable Light NE winds and the jig bite good and the trolling bite was as well. Large and small deep running crank baits small and large profile worked for us.

Warming trends are predicted for the next week and lets hope the winds lessen! Winnebago, Poygan should be good too.

Jim Kleist
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April 15 Green Bay

est news
Great walleye fishing this week for real big post spawn fish. I have been jigging for some real nice fish and using crank baits. Trolling is toll to find fish and then set up and jig.Minnows and jig combos are working well on 1/4 oz jig.

Water temperatures are in the 50’s in the shallows.Warm temperatures give options to how to fish. Try locating the schools based on temperature. I prefer to jig versus troll and catch a lot of fish that way on Green Bay and the Winnebago system.

I have one guy is coming uo from Milwaukee in the boat with me tomorrow-Thursday. If you want to spit the cost of a trip with him call me and I will get you in with us to fish.

Jim Kleist
Green Bay,Wi
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April 10th Wolf River

Caught a limit with a lot of effort today. Cold front? Most boats had very few fish we talked with anchored on the wolf. 1/4 oz jigs casted today with fatheads actually being better than shiners today!

We had to move and picked fish up here and there, seemed like not a real pattern today. But non had eggs or milt. They all appeared to be post spawn.

Warm weather is predicted this weekend. I have days open this next week and will be up in Marinette and Green Bay as well after walleyes. I love the Wolf and now is the time to fish. The next day I am out I am going to bring along night crawlers.

Jim Kleist
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Thursday April 8th 2015 -Wolf river

Tried out some jigs my buddy Kevin G. Mailed to me yesterday. Those jigs really worked great on Walleyes. The weather was very cold with the cloud cover. Water temp was 45 degrees. We released the big fish today.

The fish were shallow and scattered. we worked rip rap and structure for the bigger Walleyes. Adam, caught bigger fish than he is used to catching fishing with me today than when he fishes Fremont in his boat.

1/4 ounce jigs and various cranks were thrown today.

I have 1 spot in my boat Friday if you want to fish with me. The weather is supposed to be great! Only half the regular price for 2! All day.

Jim Kleist
Green Bay, Wi
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Wolf river April 2nd 2015

Great walleye fishing up and down the Wolf and Winnconne. Low water levels have the fish scattered. As soon as you feel fish have moved “all the way up” great catches continue down even even in Fremont. Last year the high waters gave the fish more areas to spread out into. But they always find places to spawn. I have fished up river and down river this week.

Vertical jigging, and casting jigs are working well drifting down the Wolf. Also– anchoring with flies and Wolf river rigs being pumped or casted are doing well for walleyes too.

Water temps Monday thru Friday were going up 2 degrees per day. Every year is different.

Hair jigs worked will last trip out. We landed a variety of fish milkers and spawners Friday we had 16 fish and released the big ones. Fish were from 15 to 23 inches averaged about 17 to 18 inches.

One fish had 2 large minnows in its mouth when it bit Scott’s jig with a minnow. This fish was very hungry.

Jim Kleist
Green Bay, Wi
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Monday March 30 th Wolf river bite

Late report for Tuesday.
Started out early in cold –16 degrees and then wind picked up. the bite was steady good til noon and then the fishing slowed and the wind got to strong and cold.
We landed some really nice fish up to 25 inches and a lot on fish in the 16 -17 inch size range leaking Milt.
Walleye fishing on the Wolf can be short lived but it is so worth the effort with the great guys I fish with every time I am out there.
I can recommend to take larger minnows and smaller ones too. Success can come down to details like this. One guy was using smaller shiners and was struggling. He used bigger minnows and started to do a lot more catching.
1/4 and 1/8 oz jigs are what I have been using. I just had some walleye for dinner. It is so good! Good luck out there. The fish do not know it is cold. I chase walleyes all over NE Wisconsin April has some great days ahead!
Jim Kleist
Green Bay, Wi
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March 31 2015 De Pere Fox river

we caught over 30 walleyes up river away from the crowds in very shallow spots. We were casting baits today and hit some big fish. I fished with with 3 guys that have fished De Pere for years in there own boats and wanted to learn new spots and new tricks and they did indeed do that !

It helps if they are good fisherman too Larry, Mark and Gary. The fish we caught were big spawners. A fast retrieve retrieve worked for us. Try something different and you will not be disappointed. Even in bright day light.

We tried the Vertical jigging in 16 to 25 fow has been the bread and butter bite this spring in De Pere. These fish are small, — mostly small. Most of the boats are using this method.These fish require a slow jjigging action. ( 99 % of the boats are doing this currently. )

I am fishing the Wolf and doing well there this week on jigs and doing well with some dandy fish. I love this time of year and the feel of the walleye crushing the jig. Give me a call and fish with me for a day.

Jim Kleist
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