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Fishing report for Spring walleye run March 19 th Fox River De Pere

Walleye fishing was good today. Guys coming in to the launch this morning from night fishing said they needed stinger hooks to help increase hookups. Today we used short shank jigs that helped increase hookups and worked well.

Blakemoore jigs and other jigs with small blades were vertical jigged with almost a dead stick type approach(slow ). We casted and slowly worked baits back, but that catch rate was not as good.

We had a lot of short hits fishing from mid morning in more comfort til about 330. Everyone caught fish and missed fished this afternoon. Fish size were averaging 17 inches with the largest 23″ . We ended up with 15 fish.

Night fishing generally is when a lot of big fish are caught. There is a cold front coming in and these fish are already very lethargic. But you can’t catch fish sitting at home either. Next week should be awesome!

I have openings Monday and Tuesday for 1 to 2 guys to split a trip if interested?

Jim Kleist
Green Bay, Wi IMG_20150319_125821_372P1020790IMG_20150319_111225_018