Monthly Archives: January 2015

January 22 Green Bay whitefishing

Fishing had been best in mornings .  Rapalas and pimples accounting for the fish here. Ice depth varies from 15 inches to about 10 inches. ATV, Snow machines are needed. I chained up the tires on the ATV t o pull out my shack. There are some pockets of slush but they are not problematic at this point. I am going way out 3 to 6 miles to several spots. water depth is 55 fow on average to 25 on the shallow end.

January 16th Green Bay Whitefish

Moved to find active fish today. Found them to be deep and liking bright colored spoons and even basic presentations with a plain hook and wax worms. I fished the morning shallow in 11 fow with only a couple of lookers. I then moved into deeper water up around Hendersons point in the late afternoon for a good bite with with Mike and Dylon. A steady current rendered flashers useless and bites diminished when adding heavier baits and a old fashioned jig bite was the key.P1020747P1020740P1020749