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Fishing report 7/27/14 Lake Winnebago


kori and Josh had some great fish!

P1020449P1020448P1020446Conditions: Partly Sunny Air Temp: 71° – 75° F Water Temp: 71° – 75° F

Fished structure today on the west shore. I had to be creative to slow the drift down today and once it did we caught Walleyes. Boat control was a must today. The wind and waves help if you can slow your bait down. If you can’t the walleyes will not bite.1/8 oz jigs were the ticket with half a crawler. The bite is tougher but the persistent angler can do very well out on Lake Winnebago. Kori and Josh did great today !If you want to get out for a day drop me a email or give me a call. Learn, catch and have fun!Jim Kleist Green Bay, WiP1020439P1020444P1020451

Lake Winnebago fishing report for Monday/ Tuesday July 14th /15th

P1020430 P1020414P1020429P1020427P1020423P1020412 P1020403Fishing report for Monday and Tuesday.
Monday night was Big Walleye night on the day the cold front hit!

Several fish in the 20- 22 inch range if you know were to go.

I had 3 guys that have never fished Lake Winnebago before and we caught over 20 fish. Casting jigs, baits like you do when you go to Canada.

Gene, Mike and Ray proved they can catch fish with the right instruction and spots to fish.

Today I fished with Mark, Drew and Gene who have a cottage on Lake Winnebago. They troll and have for years but wanted to learn how to catch fish with jigs and casting lures. They caught 3 limits fishing with me jigging! This trio did awesome!

Today was tougher after the cold front passed but we caught 15 nice walleyes.

I love to troll also and If you desire to troll for half a day and jig the other half of the trip we will have fun and catch a lot of nice walleyes. Trolling we will catch twice as many fish as jigging and you will learn how to target walleyes trolling as well. It is a lot of fun when you have doubles and triples on walleyes trolling!

Today the bite switched 180 degrees. Fish could not be caught the drifting today until we swithched tactics and then “game on”

You would swear the cold front shut everything down. But we did well!

I have Thursday open next . Give me a call or email me,- and lets go fishing on Winnebago!!!

Jim Kleist Green Bay, Wi

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Fishing report for Sunday July 13, 2014 Lake Winnebago


Sunday was Windy but the walleyes sure were biting great in the wind and 2 foot waves. We ended up catching 20 walleyes. We kept some for dinner. We had a ton of fun today. 1/4oz was the best weight today.
I Fished with Larry and Graham and they excellent today fishing with me. We were casting jigs, using slip bobbers and casting flicker shads. No trolling today.

The walleye bite is still excellent and will be for a few more weeks. Now is the time to get out there!

Good luck and enjoy walleye and Perch fishing — When the weather cooperates.

Jim Kleist Green Bay, Wi (fishing reports)

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Fishing report for Green Bay July 10

IMG_20140710_163114_922P1020376P1020377P1020369P1020379Late report for Thursday July 10th.
The Walleye bite is a very tough bite on Green Bay. Fish are holding in select areas. Shallow 8-10 fow and deep water out to 35′. I have been using cranks in shallows and Green & Gold harnesses out deep.

I fished with a gentleman Randy from who has been watching Midwest outdoors and wanting to catch a 10 # fish for the wall. We ended up doing that! The fish is at Second Nature Taxidermy. Marc Charles is a amazing taxidermist. This was a dream fish for Randy his whole life!

We caught 5 fish very nice Walleyes that afternoon. Big fish in July is a pattern on Green Bay that I really like to target.

Give me a call to get out with me and fish Green Bay or Lake Winnebago. I troll Green Bay and jig/ cast on Bay. I am averaging 15 to 30 fish per day on Winnebago. I have full day trips available. Check out my Personal. (not lake link) web “fishing reports” for pictures on my catches,

Jim Kleist

Green Bay, Wi web

Jim Kleist


Fishing report for lake Winnebago July 5th


Walleye fishing on Lake Winnebago is still very good if you know how to fish the conditions. We landed over 25 walleyes. Today had 4 foot waves which creates difficulties. But also create opportunities if you and your boat and your fishing partners are up to the challenge.

Drift socks, good electronics and changing up equipment and experimenting with equipment, locations and switching baits. We did Zero trolling and had so much fun!

We ended up landing over 25 Walleyes today and kept some for dinner. Scott and Pete did excellent with St Croix and Fenwick, jigging, anchoring, casting crank baits and using slip bobbers and Lindy rigs.

If you are looking to add a new skill set and do well book a all day trip with me on Lake Winnebago. I do all jig trips like today or combo trips trolling and jigging.
Jim Kleist
Green Bay, Wi