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Green Bay Ice Jan. 30, 2014

IMG_20140130_125049_355 IMG_20140130_110012_325 IMG_20140130_111434_443mike BeidaFishing was excellent today. My group had a 3 man limit of 30 fish by noon. Mike caught his first Whitefish ever and then managed a very nice limit. He learned to use the FL-18 Vexilar and a Marcum 625 color camera. Once he learned what to do it was game on. Frosty jigs.
Jeff got out late and had a easier time with black Rat Finkies with the FL-8 Vexilar Flasher.

I have to say it was a blizzard out there and if it wasn’t for that Shanties and heaters it would have been impossible be out on Green Bay. I parked near the landing with the truck. I used a ATV to get to my spots. Mother nature gives us 27 degrees, but a blizzard with white out conditions for travel. No easy weather days this year!

There are huge frozen ruts 2 feet deep. They are covered with drifts. If you take a truck I advise you go in tandem with (2 trucks). Bring tow straps to help each other out when you get stuck.

I do not have opening this Weekend. I have openings This upcoming Monday and next Friday. Fish the week days and have the Bay to yourself. I love fishing during the week. The fish are a lot more aggressive and easier to catch than when the pressure is on the weekends.

I know some guys are only off on the weekends. So the best time to fish is when you can. We had so much fun today with a great bite!

Captain Jim 920-676-6905

Fishing report for Jan. 18th- excellent bite

Fishing report for today.
We had non stop action as we had a 4 person limit by Noon. Pete, Troy and Jennie were out for the morning bite. It was a ton of fun! Fished 8 fow and drove out in the GMC Sierra today. A little rough out there. We had a 4 man limit in under 4 hours

The bite really slowed down at noon. Big Whitefish were hitting today. It was active fish, and big schools I was on top of today on Green Bay.

Jennie, ice fished for the first time and picked up exactly what I taught. Fish were just off the bottom. Jigging Cadence, actually fast and aggressive. Flashers, color cameras were used. These tools if used correctly will put fish on the ice. But still, I find if more than 2 flashers used side by side that catch rate goes down. Jigs, Frosty, stopper # 12, chartreuse, Demon jigs and W2 sized Raps. With Gulp, waxies used, no minnows though.

I have some openings Monday if you want to go out. If you want to get fish up to 20 inches and have a ton of FUN fishing, go White fishing with me.

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January 9th Ice fishing report -16 degree start!

P1010783 P1010782 P1010780 P1010777 P1010776 trainFished with 3 clients for Milwaukee. Health care workers at Froedert Hospital.  We enjoyed a 4 man limit of really good sized white fish.  Fluorocarbon leaders helped a lot . We fished 15 fow  Using Gulp and wax worms. Cameras and flashers. I always grill lunch out on the ice for my clients and have beverages. I have some opening if you are interested in fishing with me for a day!  Call 920-676-6905  Captain Jim Kleist

Fishing Report For January 4 th Green Bay

Ice fishing has been excellent every time out with limits of white Fish. I have been using smaller jigs, dark colors. The sizes are what I would use for Bluegills inland.
Three setups that I always fish : Jigs alone, small Rapalas with a slider jig a foot above and small spoons with a slider above. If you have a flasher I have noticed fish not liking them at times. Especially if you have 2 in one shelter.

I have been guiding on a limited basis this winter. Check out my website. I take normally 2 people at a time when I guide. I do guide in Northern Wisconsin on a limited basis as well.

Travel can be dicey via truck. slush pockets, deep snow drifts are everywhere. I highly recommend ATVs or similar type transportation.

Today I took a father and his daughter out that had time on college break. Abbey did amazing out on the ice as well as Scott(Dad).

2014 is going to be proving to be a amazing year for me out on Green Bay again.

Good luck Captain Jim Kleist

Jim Kleist

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