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February 2023 Spring open water Walleye fishing is here!

check out my video from a recent guide trip on the Fox River 2/20/23

Spring February 2023

Spring 2023 is early this year due to a record warm winter.

I have guided trips for 1-4 people available this spring February March and April for world Class Green Bay Walleyes. You have a chance for a personal best walleye on the waters of Green Bay. Call Captain Jim 920-676-6905 to book a trip.

May is a great time to fish as well. May 6 th is the opener in Wisconsin. On Green Bay you can keep 5 fish over 15 inches starting then May 6. I highly recommend that time to cast and troll for big schools of giant Walleyes.

July and August the walleye bite peaks for both numbers and size, Call me for dates here and enjoy great warm weather at the same time!

Spring walleye fishing 2021 fishing report

Mid April is almost here with true giants being caught. My customers this spring have caught the biggest Walleyes they have ever hooked with me Captain Jim Kleist. Dan caught a nice 29.5 9 pound fish. Tim caught one a shave bigger last week!

Tim R. has been fishing 6 years with me and this spring Tim score big! This could be you holding a fish like this Next to book a trip with Jim. call or text 920-676-6905

St Patrick day March 17th was a excellent walleye trip . We had over 50 walleyes on this trip. Guest Rob and Mike . Check out the big walleyes on this guided trip. T

I will never forget this day. Big walleyes in the snow and then rain. March Madness Green Bay Spring 2021 with captain Jim Kleist March 17 2021

Dan caught a walleye of his dreams . He did a internet search of area guides and Dan hired me. Dan caught the walleye of his Dream a giant post spawn gravel lizard for sure! look what he caught!

Dan’s 29.5 His largest walleye EVER!! Congrats Dan! 9.4 pounder JIg and Plastic (secret bait)
Jim’s 29.5 ” walleye caught on the Slobinator secret lure from BAT Lures Green Bay with Dan an his son Eric same day !
Jim’s 26 inch fish on plastic
a very nice fish again! same trip
Steve mastered jigging walleyes today. Look at that smile on his face . He took 2 good friends fishing for the day. His friends owe him big time now!

Mike fished for walleyes and caught this very nice fish! spring of 2021
Brandon fished with Steve and caught 65 walleyes with his 2 buds Steve and Dan
Dan with a nice walleye March 16 2021
Heath S. with a Green Bay Giant he caught in the first 10 minutes of the trip
Rob P. on a snow 50 fish day! jigging up some big ones today
Me with a big Walter fishing with Mike and Rob
gravel Lizard caught by me Spring 2021
Jim’s Giant
Jim with a giant finned out walleye from Green Bay 2021 on a jig 28 inch fish

Spring April/May 2020 fishing reports

Fishing has been very good, but with COVID-19 still a big issue I am looking about July 1 to start guiding again. It has been hard for everyone to do all this distancing; for the last 9 weeks I have chosen to fish alone. Many others in my professional are all in but I want to see how things go for 1 more month as restrictions are really being lifted .

Besides being a fishing guide, I am experienced floor RN veteran of 25 years at Bellin Hospital in Green Bay. I work on the front lines and appreciate the perspectives of many. Call Jim 920-676-6905 to reserve your dates for July and August now.

Walleye fishing had been good with a good bite both trolling and jigging. Fish are both shallow on deeper 4 to 25 feet of water. My Lowrance has really helped find fish to target. Modern electronics are so much better than even 2 years ago.

Jigging–Live bait options are giving way to artificial baits. Night crawlers are replacing the buckets of minnows that are aerated in the stern and bow of my boat. Jigging is my favorite way to fish for walleyes.

Trolling– crawler harnesses are excellent options but I tend to like the speed I can fish crank baits.

Weather has had a lot of cold this May with reluctant bitting walleyes . I found that fishing hair jigs properly works excellent during cold fronts.

Jim Kleist fishes with hair jigs to land whopper walleyes!

Post spawn walleye hit the flats . I jig up a bunch of beautiful walleyes on Green Bay


Here is link to my last video I put together the end of February about winter fishing the winter for walleyes. Usually it is a ice fishing proposition but this winter Mother Nature had other plans for us in Wisconsin! Click on the blue hyper link to watch my video.

Walleye fishing had started March first for my guiding season. Wow what a fantastic aggressive bite. I have openings during weekends and during the week. I prefer to fish during the week but one had to get out there when they are off of work.

Spring walleyes are here and the giant Great Lakes Green Bay walleyes are what I love to catch. I run trips in Green Bay on the Fox river , Oconto and Door County for trophy walleyes. Whether you want a personal best walleye on a jig rod or you want to learn techniques, baits proper rod choice and line combos. I have the knowledge, skill and instruction to up your game !!

I specialize in jigging for walleyes, casting using live bait and the best artificial baits plastic and lures. I also troll and have skills to carefully catch the giant walleyes that roam Green Bay and it’s tributaries.

Please do not hesitate to call me or email me for details for you or your group. I work with other guides and can accommodate large groups.

March and April are 2 of the best months to fish with me. Give me a call 920-676-6905 Jim Kleist
Frank caught 22 walleyes this day . Trophys too! He learned quickly but he had a great teacher!
Me with a Green Bay trophy walleye 3/5/20
Tim with a prespawn female 3/17/20
Doug’s a happy camper jig bite 45 fish day between the 3 of us 3/17/20
Oconto walleye
Me with my precision rod and terminal tackle.
let’s get after it!
Nick never casted for walleyes or even put a minnow on a jig. He caught some nice walleyes after fishing with Jim Kleist of Green and Gold Guide Service
Tim caught a bunch of walleyes jigging he drove up after talking to me on the phone the day before. WE had a BLAST .
Door county Walleyes are massive.
Franks other fatty March 5 2020
Tiger musky that bit my jig. Let me tell you he fought like crazy.

2019 walleye fishing year in Review. Jim Kleist –Fishing Green and Gold Guide Service. 2019 marks the 7th year of guiding these waters professionally.

check out my self netting techniques while fishing a lone. It is not easy to successfully land a lot of walleyes .

What a fun year for all my clients!! Take a look at my photos and videos. I put over 30 fishing videos out in 2019 on UTUBE. Go to UTUBE and type in Jim Kleist

I guided from March through the end of September. Walleye catches were very good. I specialize in casting and also troll if that is the best option the day you fish with me.

Here is a trip with some returning clients. Even Dad in his 80′ caught his fair share of walleyes with jigs and minnows! The end of the video has a great testamonial to my guide service. What a fun day!

Call me now to reserve your day with me. 920-676-6905 or Email me

My Yar Craft is a big, safe boat capable to taming the big waves and gets my clients to the fish fast. Traveling 5 to 8 miles or more is the usual out on Green Bay and Lake Winnebago.

Spring , Summer and early Fall are great times to fish with me. Walleyes on the Great Lakes have annual travel cycles. Walleyes migrate following large schools of baitfish. Having the know-how – where and when is key to staying on the best bites of walleyes.

Spring walleye run 2019 is here I have dates left!

I have available this month April 9,10 11, 17,18 19,20,21,22 23, 24,25,29,30

Walleye fishing on your mind?

It should be! Fish for Green Bay’s Gold aka huge pig walleyes! Green & Gold Guide Service. Some of the best times are ahead this month! Green Bay and its rivers. Trophy size walleyes jigging! Big walleyes . Lots of walleyes, lots of pictures and laughs and fun! The penalty of success is a taxidermy bill for your replica mount! Pictures are much cheaper. I also fish the Wolf River and there is a limit of 5 fish on that system that is just a ton of fun too. Please give me a call or email or text 920-676-6905 or Date April 9,10,11,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,29,30

Wolf River Walleye

Wolf river walleye fishing April 4 2019 check out my fishing video at the link below on Utube

Fox River jigging for Pig walleyes ! check this out

It all starts with a call to me.

Let’s get out in my boat and catch some great walleyes I can take 3 people and split the cost among all 3 anglers.

Gene 77 with a heck of a nice walleye he jigged up on the Fox in Green Bay
Gene 77 caught some giants Fox River March 2019
29 inchDePere walleye casting a crank
Scott caught a legal 28 1/2 DePere giant jigging
Wolf River fishing will be going strong into Late April and May
Green & Gold Guide Service Where real fish stories are born !

Summer patterns are the best time to catch good numbers and big walleyes

July has been on fire with big walleyes 27 to 30 inches trophy fish and also for good numbers of eater size type fish  that can be kept 13 -22 inches. I am trolling and jigging for walleyes out on Green Bay and lake Winnebago.

I have fished with a lot of you already this year and look forward to meeting and fishing with new customers always. My trips are a lot of fun.  Fishing is about fun! I look forward to getting out there with YOU

I am out fishing 5 days a week in July and August. I have openings and can get you in if you call me or email . 920-676-6905

Best regards,


JIm Kleist

Spring Walleye fishing Started March 1

The First trip out on the Fox for me was March 1 and I jigged up 40 nice Walleyes in a hour and a half. Good days on the Fox are  75  walleyes a day with a slow day being 15 fish. The Biggest walleye this Spring was a nice 31 1/2 inch fish caught by Larry Abel.

My boat caught some “legal” fish as we call them on the Fox , That is a walleye 28″ or greater is the legal limit until the opener.  Every single fish was released from my boat including the 28 ” or bigger.

I also release all fish greater than 22″ back to keep the fishery strong and healthy. I encourage replica mounts of their fish but if they want a fish to mount for the bucket list I think that is ok!

I specialize in jig fishing on Green Bay that is what I am known for but I  also troll for walleyes as well. I am very successful at both .

2017 fishing report

  1. Walleye fishing has been off the charts for 2017. I have a few hundred pictures that are just the tip of the iceberg this year!

CPR catch photo and releaseI have been catching great numbers and trophy fish. I ask my clients to return all walleyes over 22 inches back to the water unless they plan to have the fish mounted for the wall. My boat catches a lot of walleyes and returns a lot back to the water. Somedays it is hard to catch enough keeper size fish for meal because we are releasing big ones back and that is the only size being caught. But, not to shabby of a trip either catching big Walleyes.

My YarCraft boat has made many windy days fishable due to the seaworthiness of the boat. The large size allows for more clients to fish with me too. That can bring the cost down of trip for some. I often have had 4 people out with me.

I fish with vacationers looking for a trip and with a lot of people that buy a trip for a gift for a niece, nephew or retirement gift or graduation and a lot of people wishing to learn how to fish for walleyes so they can catch more walleyes on their own.

Green Bay and Lake Winnebago can be very difficult to learn learning both will help you catch more walleyes all year if one body of water has a setback.I am a guide that fish both these systems- Winnebago and Green Bay -If you love to walleye fish.I really think one should set up at least one trip on both sytems.

Marketing my guide service    I am posting very little current activity on my Green And Gold Guide Service pages.  I feel it brings unnecessary attention to bites I am fishing. My clients success is my priority out on the water and I want them to have a great day with a lot of fun!! I am in my 6 th year as a walleye guide fishing 4 to 5 days per week. I am getting more referral and repeat anglers fishing with me as time goes on.

Early Spring Fishing Feb, March and April Trophy time and good numbers dates! Jigging and casting

Spring May and June warming waters are triggering a great jig and trolling bite even a night bite.

Summer July August September  these months are some of the best with large fish and numbers . combined with comfortable weather I recommend these times as the best walleye fishing.

This spring we had a lot of rain that kept fish in the rivers much longer than typical and held certain types of bait fish for weeks longer than normal so June going into the first week of July was very slow.  Normally June is a top month on Green Bay and Lake Winnebago.

Fall fishing this year was excellent late October and November some of days compared to the record catches in March and April.

I am going to be speaking as a professional Angler at the Wisconsin Sport show in March 16-18.I will be talking about techniques that have put a ton of walleyes in my boat in spring jigging. I will also have a station promoting my guide service.

I had a great time fishing with everyone of my clients.  Many of which I have become very good friends with!   Serendipity! I talk to many of you very often by phone or email.

Walleye fishing is what I love and I work my tail off harder than many guides to give you the best experience out on the water!!!

I am excited for the 2018 season ahead. Please call me soon and send a $50 deposit to hold your date will hold your fishing date.

Best regards

Jim Kleist